weber grills spirit series



The Spirt Series from Weber is their entry-level bbq grill designed for average everyday ordinary grilling. Don’t let the word average fool you; these grills are anything but average when considering the price point. Ranging from $349.00 to 699.00 these grills are very durable and deliver great results.

• Durable, easy-to-clean porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates.
• Sleek, stainless steel lid.
• 424 square inches of main grilling space.
• Warming rack keeps food warm off the main grate for extra space.
• Distributes even heat, preventing hot or cold spots on grates.

weber grills summit series


The Summit Series from Weber is their high-end grill. Elegant, durable, high-performance grills ranging in price from $2,099.00 to $3,599.00 these grills come with numerous configurations and application-ready modular systems.

• 9MM Diameter solid steel cooking grates.
• Snap-Jet individual burner ignition system.
• Stainless steel flavorizer bars.
• Stainless steel lid.
• Built-in lid thermometer.
• Stainless steel side tables.
• Stainless steel doors.
• LED fuel gauge – LP models only
• Front access grease tray.
• Infinite control burner valves.

weber grills q series


The Q grill sparked the growth of a new category in the barbecue grill industry known as portable grilling. In the early 2000s, a timely collaboration between Jim Stephen, CEO Weber-Stephen Products Inc, and Bob DeMars, CEO of Original Ideas, Inc, resulted in the birth of this category of bbq-grill products. Bob DeMars is a California based innovator, and idea generator. Jim saw in Bob’s concept of the Q grill an innovative approach that has stood the test of time. The Q grill can be found in backyards, patios, decks, tailgates, and picnics all over the world. Simplicity and ease of use, along with the convenience of portable grilling make these grills ideal for barbecue nomads.

The Q-Series price ranges from $179.00 to $439.00.



Finally, we get to Weber’s Genesis series. Arguably the worlds most populer grill, and for good reason. The price point is certainly a sweety spot, and tremendous value is packed into every model they make. • 7MM Diameter solid steel cooking grates.
• Igrill 3 compatible.
• Side mounting gas tank.
• Built-in lid thermoeter.
• Stainless steel side tables.
• Open cart design.
• Welded tube frame.
• Fuel gauge on LP models.
• Infinite control burner valves.
• Stainless steel heat deflecters.