Palm Beach Grill Center offers most major BBQ Grill manufacturers. We carry Cart Grills, Built-in Grills, Smokers and more. Not only do we sell and deliver grills, but we also install and service them. All service calls are completed by the companies founding company Grill Tanks Plus. Our founding company has over 250 5 Star reviews and has been running for a decade! Rest assured we are the true one-stop-shop for your outdoor lifestyle needs.


We not only sell grills but we offer every and any BBQ Grill Accessory you could ever want. From Power Burners to Rotisories, from Grill Utensils to Grill Parts, we’ve got you covered! We often run specials wherein with the purchase of a BBQ Grill we include select accessories. Find out today what kind of deals Palm Beach Grill Centers running today!


Our Company also designs and builds Outdoor Kitchens. We use only the finest in construction materials featuring Aluminum frameworks for which we offer lifetime guarantees. Not to mention we can build Ledger stone, stack stone, or brick and mortar Outdoor Kitchens as well. Just leave it to us to determine the perfect design for your environment.


South Florida may not be the coldest region in the world but there is a need for Patio Heaters. We have found this to be especially true in the commercial arena. We service many restaurants that use Patio Heaters during the wintertime, as well as numerous clients that are true Outdoor Lifestyle fanatics entertaining often enough during South Floridas season to justify the purchase of such an appliance. Make sure your next Outdoor BBQ party is nice and warm with Palm Beach Grill Center Patio Heaters.