Let us talk about the features of this Built-In 700 Series 10-inch drop-in Infrared SIZZLE ZONE? burner.

By using it, you can cook your food deliciously:

USP of Built-In 700 Series Drop-in Infrared SIZZLE ZONE? Burner

This exclusive burner helps you in making and easily preparing succulent steaks. In addition, it brings the element and factor of restaurant-quality perfection in your meals.

This is a maintenance-free product and it is installed with 7.5-mm cooking grids.

It is on the one-handed mechanism that you can ignite this burner. Besides, it turns on itself on the basis of the JETFIRE? instant ignition system.

When using this burner, you will get through the amount of professional ambiance and safety.

Beyond, when the burner is turned on, then the user is notified with the display of blue light changing into red color light.

Package Included

1 x Built-In 700 Series 10-inch drop-in Infrared SIZZLE ZONE? burner

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Propane


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