What makes a BBQ Grill store one worth visiting? Is it the size of the store? Location? Brand names sold? Well, the answer is all of the above and a lot more, but what’s the number one? If you ask us it’s easy, the answer is customer service! By that we don’t just mean how we treat clients; we also mean offering a complete in house “no subcontractors” service. Many local dealers subcontract grill installations to other service companies, but you won’t find that at Palm Beach Grill Center. We take pride in our work and put a lot into training and certifying our employees. We like to say, “we know who puts the food on the table, so we return the favor with gratitude, which in action means stellar customer service.”


Palm Beach Grill Center carries most major brands, but even if we don’t we will get you the brand regardless of whether we make money on the grill because we are a service first company; so we see it as acquiring another grill service client. In this way, we enable ourselves to deal with any BBQ Grill on the market. Other shops will let you go the second they see they cant sell you on one of their grills. Not us. If you have a grill in mind and we don’t carry it, we’ll get it for you anyway. Just another thing that makes us the top BBQ Grill Store in Florida.


Palm Beach Grill Center is conveniently located right in the center of our service area. With a store located in Delray Beach and one in West Delray Beach Florida, we’ve made it easy for Palm Beach and Broward county clients to reach us! Not interested in driving to us? No problem. We can provide via e-commerce. Yet, another feature of a quality grill store. Everything from grill selection to invoicing we’ve got it covered.


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