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10 Years ago the vision quest began; this, when Grill Tanks Plus founder Paul Ricard thought to himself there was need for an outdoor lifestyle service company. A decade later the company has grown exponentially into the countries premier outdoor lifestyle company covering everything from BBQ Grill Cleaning & Repair to Propane Tank Refill & Exchange.

Now with eye's set on new horizons, the company has given birth to its latest evolution; Palm Beach Grill Center. Having the perfect retail space, the sister companies focus is on BBQ Grill and Outdoor Kitchen sales. The vision has come to unfold fully now and clients have a true one stop shop for all things related to outdoor lifestyles.


We're not going to try and reinvent the wheel here. For us it's easy, the same mission that Grill Tanks Plus embarked on is the one we're going to take on. We're talking basic fundamentals here, integrity, service to others, and good old fashion handwork is what drove the founding companies success and we're sure it will do the same for Palm Beach Grill Center.

To state it clearly:

When you make it about service to others, success follows. We're here to serve our clients by providing top-notch one-stop-shop services and support; that in this, they may know the true joy of outdoor lifestyles.